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Sodom and Gomorrah, ancient Roman festivals, Babylon, Hollywood in the 1970s, take any metaphorical image of decadence, then pick your favorite number and times it by this factor. This is Ibiza. OK, maybe I tend to exaggerate but when one of my confirmed bachelors player friends returned from Ibiza and I asked did he pick up any chicks he said no. It was so disorienting to his American brain (which has been conditioned by American women) could not processes it. It was like he just took the red pill in the Matrix.

When you are 90 years old do you want to say I am glad I played it safe when I was in my 20s and 30s, I regret I lived my life. However, my definition of living is to find your mate.

Yes women wear one piece bathing suits in Ibiza but they are on bikinis mind you. The girls there are not there to be hunted but to hunt for pleasure and escape. For me this is too much.

Even the conservative ones are sporting Brazilian halter or stringy swimsuits and the late night activities follow suit (pun intended).