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Two main towns on the Island of Eivissa (Catalan spelling) are Ibiza Town and San Antonio. The latter being more wonton and the former more organized.

The best clubs in Ibiza for girls

Ibiza Town – Lively from 7pm to 7 am

Es Paradis
Playa den Bossa – Good for meeting foreign chicks here
Bora Bora
Sand (on the beach)
Ushuaia (on the beach)
Pacha (local goes here)
Magaluf – Scandanvian women here.
In San Antonio – Young European students and Brits go here when they are 18 to 27 to go on their first vacation without their mummy and daddy. Go to the West End of the town. There is where to pick up girls on the Island.

Amnesia(locals Spanish and Catalonia party goers go here)
Ending thoughts on this Island in the Mediterranean

So if you really want to go to the Gomorrah of the Med, you can but consider this. I knew a Spanish DJ and a Spanish female doctor that lived there, mostly for the nightlife. After living there many years and they were over the hill they had no chance marriage in sight. My point is endless decadence does not lead to love and happiness. In fact, it could be a nexus of the universe that has as a cost of bringing you away from true love.

An island in the Ballistic islands because they use slings during the roman times. We get the word ‘ballistics’ from these islands – Imagine what slings are holding there today.

The name of Ibiza come from the Phoenician god Bes, the god of the dance and music.

On the island the locals speak a dialect which is a derivative of Latin, Eivissenc.